Ratio of CEO Pay to Average Worker by Country

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Stellar statistics table from my friend Matt of the ratio of the average pay of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and average workers:

So far as I can tell the CEOs concerned in this comparison are those of largest public companies: in the case of the US probably the Dow Jones Index companies, but anyone who can tell me the original source and therefore definitions etc of this would be helping us all. We like to provoke debate and certainly don’t think what we post doesn’t need contesting. In fact the contesting is the whole point. So contest away and thanks to @Jeigh below in comments for asking.

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Yes!! I’ve done it! I finished my first essay…. draft.

I really hope my hard work pays off, I’ve kept working until my hands were shaking and I felt dizzy.

Now I just need to study for my Arabic oral test, research information for my politics essay and research for my history essay. I should be able to do my research, and finish the draft tomorrow for history, and I should be able to finish my Arabic study.

Phew. I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks to be over because it’s going to be hectic.

Oxford Referencing.

Thursday!! I really love Thursdays as their usually the ‘Friday’ of my week. Today however, is different because in Australia we celebrate the sacrifice our soldiers made to fight for our country, regardless of whether it was necessary, they still did it. We call it ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) day.

However today for me, besides remembering fallen soldiers, has become a dedicated study day. The week after the 13th of May is busy one. I have my first 2000 word essay due on the 13th for Middle Eastern studies – which is the most amazing class I’ve ever taken – and let me tell you. Essay writing is a pain, albeit fairly enjoyable. The part I hate the most would have to be the research into topic. I have to gather my sources, make relevant and precise references, and then formulate it into a document to make it nice and organised so I can go back to it whenever I need to.

I honestly cannot wait to finish these essays as I feel like It’s going to be an awesome achievement… of course assuming I get good grades.

For me, essays have gone from being 5 blocks of text, to something structured and almost artistic. It’s so beautiful to read an essay that has evidence, referencing, structure, and a coherent flow.. (said no one ever, besides myself).

2013. Let’s do it?

So here I am, here you are, here we both could have been… reading this aloud in our heads.

I started university this year (yay), and it’s been a mixture of ‘Ahhh!‘, ‘Ohhh….‘, ‘UMMM?‘, ‘Yessssss!‘ and ‘Well crap.

It’s been difficult adjusting, but I’ve managed to keep myself well above the 50% mark with my grades. I have my first Arabic verbal exam on the 1/05 and that’s pretty close.. so naturally I’m freaking out.  Besides that, I have three 2000 word essays due around the 13th of May, and a debate… The essays are worth 40 to 50 percent of my overall grade for this semester, and yes, I do feel like I’m dying.

Sure, this is a pretty terrible first post of my blog, but I’ll try to keep it fresh and interesting with me just being myself (I’m already a handful as it is).

Here’s to you not falling asleep while reading this, and good luck to me for this year, I’m going to need it.